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State Motto: "All For Our Country"

Nevada Nicknames: Sagebrush State, Silver State, Battle-Born State The origin of the state's name is Spanish, meaning "snow-capped".

Why incorporate in Nevada?

  • A company (a Nevada LLC or a Nevada corporation) can become an effective business tool both for US nationals and non-US business people. Non-US nationals can consider forming a Nevada LLC for optimizing their tax burden and protecting the assets.
  • We recommend forming a Nevada LLC (Limited Liability Company) rather than a Nevada corporation. A Nevada LLC combines the advantages of a corporation (limitation of liability) with the advantages of a partnership (tax obligation passes through to the tax returns of the members of the Nevada LLC).
  • Moreover, a Nevada LLC formed by non-US residents generating no income from the source in the USA, could be used as an offshore vehicle allowing avoiding tax liabilities in the USA. This makes a Nevada LLC popular with clients who are not US citizens.

The advantages of incorporation in Nevada. Nevada corporation or Nevada LLC?

  • You can operate your Nevada Corporation or a Nevada LLC and live anywhere in the world and you do not have to be a US citizen to incorporate.
  • Your Nevada LLC will not need an office in Nevada, a Nevada bank account or even a Nevada telephone service.
  • Nevada is the only state in the USA that does not share information even with Internal Revenue Service.
  • A Nevada LLC can be incorporated in a confidential manner. Nevada State allows nominee managers or members of an LLC. We can offer our nominees for the incorporation, if a client does not wish to disclose his/her personal details for the records. All powers will be transferred to the real owner by a notarized and apostilled general Power of Attorney (POA). POA would allow the owner to manage the company, to open bank accounts, etc., without the nominees being involved.
  • Additional costs are US$ 390 - nominee member/manager fees paid on Nevada incorporation and then annually. General POA, notarized and apostilled - US$ 160.

Tax freedom in Nevada

  • Nevada is a unique state with its tax policy. It has no corporate income tax. Nevada also has no tax on corporate shares, no franchise tax, no personal income tax, no estate tax, inheritance or minimum tax. Nevada State does not share its data with IRS (US tax authority).

Nevada incorporation services - forming a Nevada LLC

Setting up a new business is rather slow. Regular Nevada LLC incorporation takes 6-8 weeks. Expedited can be done within 48-72 hours.
Filing of a Nevada LLC including Articles of Organization, prepared, notarized and delivered to the Secretary of State, Certified copy, Charter, blank list of officers, business license application and stock ledger locator, resident agent and address fee  US$ 860
Apostille - regular filing US$ 130 for a document
Nevada LLC kit (member certificates, Operating Agreement, seal) US$ 115
The courier charges will be billed extra

Nevada incorporation services - Important Note. A Nevada LLC and a Nevada corporation is required to file The List of Officers after the registration and then annually on the anniversary of the company. The List of Officers of the company is enclosed with the initial set of the corporate documents. It should be filled within 45 days after the documents receipt and returned to us for filing.
For your convenience, we can complete the List of Officers, pay the filing fee and business license right after the incorporation. The filing fee of the initial List of officers is US$ 200, the annual business license filing fee is US$ 200 plus US$ 100 filing services.

Link to consider for Nevada incorporation
Senate Bill No. 2 (related to Nevada incorporation services)

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