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offshore bank accounts
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One of the most important aspects of offshore banking is personal or corporate privacy and banking confidentiality. Funds and other assets are significantly better protected from creditors, and/or any other form of lien or confiscation action, in an offshore jurisdiction than in your country of residence. Keeping assets offshore considerably reduces the likelihood of litigation from lawyers working on a contingency basis.


Many of international traders are in search for an offshore bank, which would combine effective offshore banking with friendly attitude towards customers. Ideally such a bank should not be located in the Non-Cooperative Countries and Territories listed by FATF, allow convenient and, possibly, remote account opening and provide easy access to funds and account management.

We can assist with opening personal, corporate and merchant accounts with some banks in the popular offshore and onshore jurisdictions like Seychelles, Belize, Panama, Antigua, Cyprus; Latvia, Hong Kong, UK, Denmark.

Most of the offshore banks listed allow remote account opening and managing via Internet banking and debit/credit cards thus providing private and flexible control over the corporate and personal funds.

Offshore account opening procedure

Offshore account (including merchant account) opening procedure is basically similar in all jurisdictions. "Know Your Client" rules must be observed first of all. This means that an applicant has to provide due diligence for himself and the company, if a corporate bank account is needed. Personal due diligence includes certified passport copy, proof of address, character and bank references. Due diligence for a company includes certified corporate documents proving the company legal existence and address, i.e. much the same required for a person.

Merchant account

A merchant account is very much recommended for businesses offering services and goods in the Internet. A merchant account is the most convenient solution for accepting payments in the World Wide Web. An offshore merchant account allows flexible planning of the merchants' taxes as well, at the same time setting an offshore merchant account can be, probably, one of the most complicated tasks for new businesses wondering among thousands of offers seeking for workable solutions.

We can assist with establishing an offshore merchant account at a bank in Belize. This option is available for Belizean IBCs (International Business Companies) only. That is why we will incorporate an IBC in Belize first and apply for a merchant account then. Although this may seem too complicated, it actually is not, since we will do the entire job remotely and within short time range (about 7 business day to register a company and prepare all corporate documents). This may seem too expensive, although the costs will return shortly since your business will not have to pay third parties processors (other companies processing your customers' payments). The cost of the package is US$ 1390. This amount includes incorporation of an IBC in Belize, opening a corporate account to manage funds offshore and opening a merchant account to accept payments online.

Note. Bank merchant account opening and servicing fees will be charged separately. Please ask for Merchant Services Fees schedule.

How to proceed

The bank does not process for high risk business. Please see the list of restricted activities:

  • Outbound telemarketing
  • Adult content or any type of pornography (bestiality, mutilation)
  • Gaming/Lottery activities
  • Ponzi Schemes
  • Cigars/tobacco
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Debt consolidation, low interest credit card products and credit card protection
  • Network or multi-level marketing, including pyramid schemes
  • Sites promoting hate, racism or any form of discrimination
  • Products infringing on intellectual property/trademark rights

If, hopefully, your business is not listed, please ask for more details by email. We will be pleased to assist you with opening an offshore bank account and a merchant account. An offshore IBC in Belize can be considered a bonus granting your online business a fast and easy start.

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