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"Anguilla is a well regulated jurisdiction and we look only to attract reputable business. What we have to offer those who venture to our magical island, be it on business or vacation, speaks volumes in itself......
All international jurisdictions from the very biggest to the relatively new face many challenges in meeting the needs of the industry. Anguilla is no different. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our already modern legislation and the diversity and quality of our services. We believe we now have everything in place to make Anguilla the industry's first choice."
Lanston Connor. Registrar of Commercial Activities

Advantages of offshore company formation in Anguilla

  • No paid up capital required
  • No reporting requirements
  • Directors' and shareholders' names are not public. A copy of the shareholders' register must be kept at the registered office of the offshore company
  • Nominee shareholders and directors may be used for tax planning purposes
  • Offshore company name can be in any language
  • Offshore company incorporation in a well-regulated financial services industry
  • Common law legal system based on English law


Formation, registration of an offshore company in Anguilla including provision of a registered office and a secretary. Total for the first year US$ 890
Shipment by courier (DHL, FedEx) US$ 95
Renewing of the offshore company in Anguilla US$ 675 (including the fee payable to the Government) paid on the anniversary of the company formation.

Additional services

Assistance with opening an offshore bank account with Barclays in Seychelles US$ 790 (other options are available at request)
Apostilling of the documents (usually required by foreign banks and authorities) US$ 190
Virtual office for an offshore company in Anguilla in the UK, USA, Canada, Panama including mail forwarding and fax/phone line diverted to any number of your choice - the cost depends on the country the line will be diverted and the mail forwarded to. Please ask for a quotation
Offshore web hosting to place your company site in the Internet - various packages are offered - please ask for the details


  • Two alternative names of the company
  • Full name and address of the initial director or, if you choose to use our nominee, full name and address of the person in whose favor the general POA should be issued
  • Full name and address of the company shareholder(s) or, if you choose to use our nominee, full name and address of the person in whose favor the Declaration of Trust should be issued
  • Full name, phone number and address to ship the corporate documents to
  • Your phone, fax no's

Please advise if you would wish to proceed. We will email or fax an invoice with wire transfer instructions.

Your company will be incorporated within 48 hours when we receive the fees. We will dispatch the documents to your address within 5-7 working days afterwards by DHL, TNT or FedEx.

We wish you success in using your offshore company!

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