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Panama's growing economy needs well educated, skilled and entrepreneurial labor force. To achieve this goal in the shortest time possible the Government of Panama announced Friendly Nations Visa program in 2012. In order to qualify you should be a citizen of any of the 50 countries (listed as Friendly Nations), register a company in Panama and deposit US$ 5000 to your personal account. These simple steps will gain you permanent residency in Panama almost immediately. You will not be required to work in your company. Please find the details below.

Friendly Nations Visa

If you belong to Friendly Nations Countries (see the list below) you can get a permanent residence permit in Panama just registering a company

Actually only the following is required:

  • 1.  Opening a bank account in your name and depositing a minimum of US$ 5000. If there are dependents that will apply with the main applicant, then US$ 2000 per dependent should be added.
  • 2. Registering a company in Panama where you will be the President and Shareholder. The company is supposed to provide professional services – this should be stated in the Articles. The company may be dissolved or transferred to another person after the Permanent Residence is granted.

The major part of the bank account opening can be done without the applicant's presence, so we can do most of the job and once the applicant is in Panama finalize everything so that the account is open in approximately one week. We will do our best to shorten this term, of course.

The applicant will have to travel to Panama at least twice.

Initially to meet the bank and finalize the account opening, sign the power of attorney empowering us to file the application and have the applicant's passport registered with the Immigration Service.

Once the bank account is open the applicant would need to send the funds to activate the account. When funds have been deposited the bank can issue a letter of reference and/or a statement of account. Now the company should be incorporated. It takes roughly 2 days to have the company registered.

If the applicant is able to stay in Panama for this whole time, we can file the application right away and obtain the provisional residence permit and multiple entry and exit permit (this last one is necessary to leave the country while the visa is being processed as otherwise upon the return the applicant can be penalized with a fine of US$ 2000).

The second visit will be required to get your permanent resident card (once the visa is approved).

Our legal fees

Our legal fees are US$ 3500 + 7% service tax for the main applicant, plus US$ 900 + 7% service tax per dependent.
Our legal fees to obtain the Multiple Entry and Exit Permit are US$ 100 + 7% service tax (per applicant) + US$ 100 (per applicant) – these costs are payable to the Immigration Service directly.

To open an account you will need to travel to Panama and visit the bank.

Please get in touch to learn about the related documents and the procedure.

The documents required for the visa are:

  • Valid passport
  • Police record issued by the FBI, RCMP or equivalent authority in your country (except children under 18)
  • Marriage certificate (applicable if legally married and spouse is applying as dependent of main applicant)
  • Birth certificate (applicable if children of the applicant under 18 years of age are applying as dependents of the main applicant).

The rest of the documents can be attained here in Panama, including the Declaration form of personal background information. Any and all documents issued abroad must be legalized either in a Panama Consulate or Apostilled and duly translated to Spanish. Translations made abroad should also be legalized in a Consulate or Apostilled.

If your country is not among the Friendly Nations and you cannot apply for Friendly Nations Visa, you may utilize other options to immigrate to Panama and obtain residency there.

It is possible to immigrate as an investor and obtain a Panama Business Investor visa, Panama Self Economic Solvency visa or a Panama Reforestation investor visa. If you do not plan investing, then Panama Retired or Pensioned Program can be for you. Here is a short description of these visas.

  • To qualify for the Panama Business Investor visa, you would need to invest a minimum of $160,000 in any existing business, or in a new company. Additionally, you will be required to employ 5 Panamanians in the least.
  • Self-Economic Solvency visa can be obtained if an applicant deposits a minimum of US $300,000 into a bank, as a time deposit, or into Panama real estate or it can be a combination of the both.
  • To qualify for Panama Reforestation investor visa, you should buy at least 5 hectares of teak plantation in Panama (about US$ 80,000 investment), which can be a wise step to make, as teak value grows 5% annually over the past several decades.
  • In case you can prove your income is at least US$1,000 per month plus US$250 for a dependent you may qualify for Panama Pensioned Retired Visa. Your age should be above 18 y.o.

Please get in touch with us if you wish to proceed with obtaining a permanent residence permit or any visa mentioned above.

Friendly Nations Countries List:

Andorra   Argentina   Australia   Austria   Belgium
Brazil   Canada   Chile   Costa Rica   Croatia
Cyprus   Czech Republic   Denmark   Estonia   Finland
France   Germany   Great Britain   Greece   Hong Kong
Hungary   Latvia   Liechtenstein   Lithuania    Luxembourg
Malta   Mexico   Monaco   Montenegro   Netherlands
New Zealand   Norway   Paraguay   Poland   Portugal
Republic of Korea   San Marino   Serbia   Singapore   Slovakia
South Africa   Spain   Sweden   Switzerland   Taiwan
Uruguay   USA

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