Why incorporating offshore company in Belize. Benefits of Belize offshore company formation. Belize IBC - international business company

Territorial disputes between the UK and Guatemala delayed the independence of Belize (formerly British Honduras) until 1981.Tourism has become the mainstay of the economy. Location: Central America, bordering the Caribbean Sea, between Guatemala and Mexico.


Belize offshore company formation

Belize offshore company is an ideal tax planning vehicle which can be used for a wide range of commercial activities such as trading, share ownership in other companies, financial management, investment holding, leasing of other assets, real property ownership, ownership of a ship or yacht, provision or professional or other services, asset protection and confidentiality, transfer pricing, ownership of intellectual property and invoicing, to name a few.

Incorporating offshore company in Belize - why?

Belize IBC is cost-saving:
The provisions of the offshore company law and services in Belize are specifically designed to save you costs. This is accomplished firstly by ensuring that the registration fee of Belize IBC is the most competitive in the offshore world. Secondly, by ensuring that the costs of maintaining your offshore company are kept to a minimum.

Benefits of Belize offshore company formation:

  • no minimum capital requirement for a Belize IBC;
  • no requirement for audited accounts therefore no need for an auditor; 
  • no need for annual returns thereby saving legal fees for a Belize IBC formation;
  • no requirements for a local director or secretary thereby saving significant fees;
  • no requirement for an Annual General Meeting. Directors can participate in a meeting anywhere in the world by telephone.

Incorporating offshore company in Belize is confidential:

In the age of increasing regulation by the State - and increasing taxes - Belize's offshore company law has a number of provisions ensuring the Belize IBC to provide freedom of the individual and the sanctity of private commercial transactions:

  • the share register kept by the Belize IBC may only be inspected by a shareholder;
  • there is no restriction on nominee shareholders and bearer shares may be issued;
  • no filing of Accounts or Annual Returns;
  • no public filing requirements except memorandum and articles of association required for Belize offshore company formation.

Belize offshore company incorporating fee schedule

  • A standard Belize offshore company with the share capital of US$50 000 can be formed and registered for  US$ 790 only. This amount includes all registration and legal fees, registered address and registered agent services plus an apostilled set of the Belize IBC documents necessary for conducting business. Apostille is also important since the banks require it for the account opening.
  • Shipment to customer by courier (DHL, FedEx) US$ 95
  • Next and subsequent year payments to renew Belize offshore company and maintain its good standing are  US$ 590, which includes registered address/registered agent and annual license fee.

Banking in Belize

A bank account in Belize may expand your Belize IBC business capabilities. We cooperate with several banks in Belize offering convenient remote offshore banking over the Internet and credit - debit cards. Application is relatively simple. The client should meet standard due diligence requirements. Please ask for more details about the banks and the offshore accounts.

Time schedule

Belize IBC incorporation takes 24 hours and the corporate documents can be shipped within 5-7 business days afterwards.

Please advise if you wish to proceed with Belize IBC formation. We will send you an invoice with wire transfer instructions.

The following will be required for the incorporation:
1. Two alternative Belize IBC names.
2. Full name, address and passport copy of the director. If you do not wish to disclose your personal details we can register a company with our nominee director name and address.
If you would wish to incorporate the company with nominee director services please ask for details if interested.

The files below may be helpful in obtaining additional information to incorporate offshore IBC in Belize or for Belize offshore company formation services: