Incorporate offshore IBC in BVI - a universal trading tool. BVI offshore company formation

"At its most obvious, the urgency of now is to ensure both individually and collectively that the BVI remains a compliant, transparent, cooperative, competitive, vibrant an clean financial services centre." From the speech delivered by Robert A. Mathavious, Managing Director/CEO of BVI Financial Services Commission.

British Virgin Islands

Incorporate offshore IBC in BVI

British Virgin Islands is one the world's most popular offshore jurisdictions. Since 1984 when the International Business Companies Act was adopted almost 450 000 offshore IBCs in BVI have been incorporated.

Advantages of offshore company formation in BVI

  • BVI offshore company formation is affordable and prompt.
  • Income derived outside of BVI is not taxed.
  • Government does not control BVI corporation activities.
  • BVI corporation can be managed from any place of the world.
  • Bearer shares may be issued at owner's option.
  • No paid - in capital required to incorporate offshore IBC in BVI.
  • No limitation on companies’ lawful activities.

Possible use of BVI offshore company:

Holder of bank accounts, deposits - to receive commissions and interest tax free. Owner of shares of other companies, owner of patents - to receive dividends and royalties tax free. Owner of property movable or immovable.

Fees to incorporate offshore IBC in BVI:

  • BVI offshore company formation US$ 990 (inclusive of Registered Agent, government fees and basic set of the company documents).
  • Annual maintenance of a BVI offshore company is US$ 950

The BVI has a comprehensive secrecy legislation, which prohibits the unauthorized disclosure of information pertaining to client's affairs to third parties. The secrecy law does not apply to activities that are considered crimes in the BVI, such as drug trafficking, theft, or fraud. It must be noted that tax evasion is not considered a criminal offence in the BVI, therefore confidential bank information cannot be released to foreign tax authorities.

Please send us a message if you wish to incorporate offshore IBC in BVI. We will send the relevant forms to complete. When we receive the order details, confirm the due diligence documents and receive the fees, we will initiate the incorporation. The incorporation takes 3-4 business days and the corporate documents will be shipped within 3-5 days afterwards.