Offshore shelf company incorporating in popular offshore tax haven.

An offshore shelf company (also known as off the shelf company) is an offshore company that was incorporated to be sold later on. If a client wishes to demonstrate that the company has been in existence for several months or years, then an offshore off the shelf company formation would do quite well. Once a shelf company is purchased it can be utilized to full extent including setting up a virtual office, provision of online banking, etc.

Off shelf companies

An offshore shelf company (it is called off the shelf company or off shelf company sometimes) can be a convenient option when a company is required promptly

Shelf Companies - Special price - Limited Offer
(for those in need of a previously-incorporated company for immediate use)

  • Incorporated in December 2010:
  • Anitoba Incorporated
  • All these companies have been registered in Seychelles. We will need details of the company director and shareholder to be entered into corporate documents. The company price is - US$ 3 600.
  • Companies can be shipped within a few days necessary to complete the transfer documentation.

Shipping by courier - DHL, FedEx is paid extra. Please contact us for more details if you wish to purchase a shelf company.