LLC formation in Delaware, Nevada, Oregon, Washington D.C. and other states

Although the entire USA are famous for their friendly business environment, we have picked up seventeen states with the most forward-thinking, favorable laws for business entities. As our clients are mainly business people outside of the USA, we suggest incorporation of LLC - Limited Liability Company, which offers limited liability to its members while their profits and losses are carried on their individual income tax returns.


Basically a US LLC is a convenient business vehicle recognized globally and beneficial both for US and non-US owners. A Limited Liability Company provides for limited liability to its members (shareholders), moreover when the members are not resident in the USA and no business is conducted in the US, an LLC can be used for international trade as a tax free entity.

Delaware LLC

As the State of Delaware website says - "Almost a million business entities have their legal home in Delaware including more than 50% of all U.S. publicly-traded companies and 60% of the Fortune 500." We offer a Delaware LLC formation for US$ 400 only including stamped and notarized Certificate of Formation. Delaware LLC registered agent fee is free for the first calendar year. 

A registered agent is required by law in most states and it accepts and forwards service of process as well as state tax notices.

Nevada LLC

Nevada limited liability company incorporation price is US$ 850, which includes stamped and notarized Certificate of Formation and LLC registered agent fee for the first calendar year. Specific of incorporation a limited liability company in Nevada is that the Initial list of officers should be filed within 90 days of formation. The Nevada state filing fee is US$ 125. At the same time the annual business license has to be paid up - the Nevada state fee is US$ 200. These payments make Nevada less competitive place for LLC formation. For your convenience we can pay these amounts to the Nevada state right after the LLC formation.

Wyoming LLC

Wyoming is becoming more popular for incorporation of an LLC lately. Moreover it has advantages that Nevada does not have and Wyoming is more cost-effective for LLC registration. Wyoming tax benefits, flexibility, privacy and a minimum of bureaucracy and "red tape", make it a proper choice for incorporation especially for a small or medium-sized business. We can form a Wyoming LLC for US$ 550, which is significantly lower than Nevada LLC fees, especially considering the List of Officers and Business License fees.

We can also offer a very competitive formation price for LLC registered in Arkansas, Iowa, Kentucky, Mississippi, New Mexico, Oregon - US$ 550 including stamped and notarized Certificate of Formation and LLC registered agent fee for the first calendar year.

Incorporation of an LLC in Indiana, Michigan, Montana and South Dakota is a little higher - US$ 590 including stamped and notarized Certificate of Formation and LLC registered agent fee for the first calendar year.

Registration costs of an LLC in New Hampshire, Wyoming are US$ 650 including stamped and notarized Certificate of Formation and LLC registered agent fee for the first calendar year.

Incorporation of a limited liability company in Florida, Oklahoma, Vermont costs US$ 690 including stamped and notarized Certificate of Formation and LLC registered agent fee for the first calendar year.

Washington D.C. LLC

In 2009, U.S. News & World Report named Washington the No. 1 state to start a business. Incorporation of an LLC in Washington D.C. will bring you all the benefits an LLC has in other states and will add some glamour to the LLC address in prestigious Washington D.C. Incorporating cost is US$ 790 and this amount includes stamped and notarized Certificate of Formation and LLC registered agent fee for the first calendar year.

Additional services

Nominee services:

  • We can offer our nominees for the incorporation, if you do not wish to disclose your personal details for the records. All powers will be transferred to you by a notarized and apostilled general Power of Attorney (POA). POA would allow you to manage the company, to open bank accounts, etc., without the nominees being involved directly. Additional costs are: US$ 390 - nominee member/manager fees paid on incorporation and then annually. General POA, notarized and apostilled - US$ 150.

Virtual office in the USA and Canada. Mail forwarding and telephone forwarding:

  • We provide mail forwarding in Delaware, USA, and in Toronto, Canada. Your mail will be collected, held and forwarded to any address or a fax No., either by post or by fax. You will be US present for your US clients, especially with US local phone numbers to forward your clients calls and fax messages to your phone or fax numbers anywhere in the world. We can set up phone numbers in all states of the USA - from Arizona to Washington. Your US virtual phone numbers can be used as personal numbers or business numbers and even support international call forwarding. Please ask for more details if interested.

Documents certification:

  • Most of our international clients use their LLC outside the US. Quite often the LLC documents need to be certified for opening a bank account, a representative office or similar purposes. If the country where the LLC documents have to be certified belongs to the 1961 Hague Convention, an Apostille may be obtained for that specific country. The Apostille is an additional certification page attached to a filed document and it typically bears the seal of the state. Apostilling of the documents costs : Delaware - US$ 150, Nevada - US$ 190, and all other States - US$ 140.

LLC Kit:

  • You can order a LLC Kit - it has some things, which may be handy while managing your LLC. The Kit includes metal pocket seal, 20 membership certificates, sample LLC operating agreement and membership directory. Most banks require the pocket seal when opening a corporate account. The cost is US$ 115.

When shipping packages overseas, we use international courier (DHL, FedEx or other). This insures that your important documents will be delivered to you in a safe and timely fashion. Shipping LLCdocuments is US$ 95. Documents and Kit US$ 145.

Opening a bank account

Most probably your LLC will need a bank account. A bank account can be anywhere you find it suitable for your business. We can assist with opening offshore bank accounts in various parts of the world. The account opening procedure is done remotely so that you would not need to travel to have the bank account opened. Please ask for more details if interested.

Please contact us if you would wish to form an LLC in any of the states listed. We will be pleased to provide all services necessary for LLC formation and support.