Panama IBC and offshore company in Panama offer the best of offshore services

"The Republic of Panama is one of the oldest and best-known tax havens in the Caribbean, as well as one of the most established in the region. Panama has had a reputation for tax avoidance since the early 20th century, and Panama has been cited repeatedly in recent years as a jurisdiction which does not cooperate with international tax transparency initiatives." From Wikipedia

Offshore company formation

General information about Panama offshore company and Panama IBC

Panamanian corporation law is one of the most liberal and stable in the world. It has not changed for over 80 years.

Offshore company in Panama and Panamanian corporations are used worldwide and are well accepted by banks, investors, governments. More than 350 000 Panama IBCs are currently registered and offer offshore services.

Panamanian offshore company advantages:

  • Setting up offshore company in Panama is affordable and prompt.
  • Income derived using a Panama IBC but outside of Panama is not taxed.
  • Government does not control the offshore company in Panama activities.
  • Confidential information is neither required nor registered.
  • Panama offshore company can be managed from any place of the world.
  • Bearer shares may be issued at owner's option.
  • No paid - in capital required for incorporation a Panama IBC.
  • No limitation on Panama offshore company lawful activities.
  • Panama is not on the OECD blacklist.

Possible use of an IBC in Panama

Holder of bank accounts and deposits - to receive commissions and interest tax free. Holding shares of other companies, owner of patents - to receive dividends and royalties tax free. Owner of property movable or immovable.

Panama offshore company incorporating fee schedule

  • Panama IBC incorporation, nominal capital of US$ 10 000 US$ 500
  • Government fees US$ 300
  • Provision of nominee directors US$ 150
  • TOTAL US$ 950

 Time schedule

 Normally it takes about 5-7 business days to register an offshore company in Panama.

The following will be required for the Panama IBC incorporation:
— three alternatives of offshore company names and the details of directors/shareholders;
— the details of director(s) and shareholder(s) are recorded with the Companies Registry and, therefore, are public. You may use our nominees if you wish to remain confidential.

Please send us a message if you are interested to incorporate in Panama or have any queries. We will be pleased to advise with details.

The files below may be helpful in obtaining additional information to incorporate offshore IBC in Panama or for Panama offshore company formation services.