Delaware LLC formation and Delaware incorporation.

State Motto: Liberty and Independence State Nickname: "The First State": Delaware is known by this nickname due to the fact that on December 7, 1787, it became the first of the 13 original states to ratify the U.S. Constitution.

Offshore company incorporating

Advantages of incorporation in Delaware

  • A Delaware LLC may be owned by any national, regardless of place of residence.
  • A company in Delaware may have one or more members.
  • Nominee members can be used not to disclose the owners' names to the state. The Delaware LLC is not required to report any assets.
  • The company in Delaware can be operated and managed worldwide.

Delaware incorporation and taxation

  • No V.A.T. or sales tax in Delaware.
  • No income tax for companies operating outside of Delaware.
  • No income tax for non resident members.

Incorporate a company in Delaware according to the following requirements:

  • Delaware LLC needs to maintain at least one member/manager. His name and address will be recorded and available to the public.(Should you require to run your company confidentially we will provide our nominee manager).
  • Delaware LLC has to maintain a local registered agent and registered office in Delaware.(If you wish your business & sensitive mail to be collected in an secure place and forwarded we can offer mailing/forwarding address in the USA, UK, Panama, Canada or Denmark).
  • Non resident members pay no income tax.

Schedule of Fees - Delaware LLC formation

    • Delaware incorporation of a LLC company (Certificate of Formation, Articles of Organization + Apostille + Registered agent and address) US$ 690
    • The LLC Kit, including Membership certificates, sample operating agreement, metal seal US$ 115


    The courier charges will be billed extra.

Procedure and timing. Please provide the following to incorporate a company in Delaware:

  • Two alternative names for the Delaware LLC formation.
  • Names and addresses of the initial member/manager. Please note that the name and address of the company member will be recorded with the Registrar.

Please advise if you would wish to proceed with Delaware incorporation. We will send an invoice by e-mail or fax with wire transfer instructions. When the fees are received an authorized incorporator in the USA will initiate the Delaware incorporation.

Your company will be incorporated within 48 hours when we receive the fees.